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The Write Stuff: Screenwriter Geoffrey C. Ward and The Vietnam War

“If we live long enough, we may even get over war.” —Maya Angelou. I graduated from high school in 1965 and college in 1969.  The relentless war in Vietnam fueled an escalating war on the streets of our inner cities and … Continue reading

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De Niro and Pfeiffer Debut on HBO in The Wizard of Lies

In today’s divisive political climate where the line between “alt facts” and actual facts has been obliterated, it’s not surprising that Robert De Niro, an outspoken critic of the “alt fact” administration, has made his HBO debut as executive producer and star of a film entitled The … Continue reading

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The Witness Takes the Stand on PBS

“I was 16 when my sister, Kitty, was murdered in New York City, ” says William Genovese in the gripping, feature-length documentary The Witness. “In an instant she was gone. No one understood me like Kitty.” Following its well-received theatrical release in … Continue reading

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Marathon Powerfully Revisits the Patriots Day Bombing on HBO

What does the word “hero” mean to you? If you feel that the only “heroes” still standing in America today are the cartoon characters featured in action films, you’re not alone. Abraham Lincoln concluded his First Inaugural Address in March … Continue reading

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Weiner The Man, The Myth, The Documentary Makes Its Showtime Debut

“I did a dumb thing. But I did a lot of other things too,” says former New York Congressman and New York City Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner. That’s quite an understatement, given the actual “dumb thing” that imploded Anthony Weiner’s promising political career … Continue reading

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Open Your Eyes and Skip the Trump Dog and Pony Show

“A blind person is a mouth with no hands.”–Nepalese Proverb. I confess that lately I’ve let too much time elapse between blog posts. I haven’t given up on “media that matter,” the mission of my blog, FrontRowCenter.  But, frankly, I admit that I’ve been short-circuited … Continue reading

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Nora Ephron Scripted and Unscripted in Everything Is Copy

Sharp-tongued, witty (“writers are predators”) and beloved by notable New York and Washington literati, Nora Ephron is the subject of her eldest son Jacob Bernstein’s touching, smartly filmed and edited profile, Everything Is Copy. The film made its world premiere at the … Continue reading

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