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Lucy Bakes a Big Loaf in I Love Lucy Christmas Special

I loved Lucy. Unlike Mama, Harriet Nelson and Margaret Anderson, wife to the father who always knew best, Lucy Ricardo never tied her apron strings. As a housewife, she was rarely content or a success in the traditional sense of … Continue reading

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TV’s First Lady Betty White Celebrated on PBS

Sweet. Sassy. Kind. Funny. And very smart. Those are just a few of the heartfelt air-kisses wafting throughout Betty White: First Lady of Television. This pleasant new 55-minute documentary, directed by Steven J. Boettcher, debuts tonight, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy Christmas Special Sweetens the Pot

Even if you’ve never worked on an assembly line, you’ll empathize with Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz, as the two frazzled pals tackle the line in the Job Switching (aka Chocolate Factory) episode of the beloved 1950s’ I Love Lucy CBS-TV series.  This classic episode, … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy Christmas Special Features Colorized Classic Episodes

I’m generally not a fan of colorized versions of vintage black and white TV shows and movies. The faux colors tend to look garish and cheesy and usually flatten the rich contrast found in their original black and white counterparts.  That … Continue reading

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