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Judith Trojan is an Award-winning journalist who has written and edited more than 1,000 film and TV reviews and celebrity profiles.

Lucy Bakes a Big Loaf in I Love Lucy Christmas Special

I loved Lucy. Unlike Mama, Harriet Nelson and Margaret Anderson, wife to the father who always knew best, Lucy Ricardo never tied her apron strings. As a housewife, she was rarely content or a success in the traditional sense of … Continue reading

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A Squirrel’s Guide to Success on PBS Is No Tall Tail

“You can’t be friends with a squirrel. A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit.”– Sarah Jessica Parker. My feelings exactly…that is until I screened A Squirrel’s Guide to Success and came away with restored appreciation for the … Continue reading

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Jane Fonda in Five Acts Takes Center Stage on HBO

“I just wanted to be ok.  I wanted to be a good girl.”–Jane Fonda. Those are startling admissions from the two-time Oscar®-winning actress and polarizing political activist who President Richard M. Nixon and his cronies loved to hate. Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker … Continue reading

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Remembering Perry Miller Adato 1920-2018

“I don’t think you can teach anybody anything, whether it’s about art, architecture, literature, or social issues unless you entertain them. You simply cannot lecture people.  You have to involve them emotionally: make them laugh, excite them or make them … Continue reading

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TV’s First Lady Betty White Celebrated on PBS

Sweet. Sassy. Kind. Funny. And very smart. Those are just a few of the heartfelt air-kisses wafting throughout Betty White: First Lady of Television. This pleasant new 55-minute documentary, directed by Steven J. Boettcher, debuts tonight, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, … Continue reading

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Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind Debuts on HBO

“He was like the light that never knew how to turn itself off,” recalls comedian Lewis Black in the engaging new documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind. The two-hour love and laugh-fest, directed by Emmy® Award-winner Marina Zenovich, debuts … Continue reading

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QuestTheDoc on PBS Champions Family Resilience

“Our society is incredibly polarized right now and, I believe, desperate for opportunities to connect across the various barriers that we think separate us: race, class, religion, geography, political party,” says filmmaker Jonathan Olshefski. “I want viewers to see themselves … Continue reading

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