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American Masters Billie Jean King To Be Rebroadcast

If you care about the history of women’s sports in America and if you know or remember little or nothing about the key role that tennis champ Billie Jean King played in turning her sport into a professional enterprise, I urge you … Continue reading

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The Heat … Women on the Verge, Pt. 1

Movie-going this summer was an exercise in 3-Dementia:  Iron men, avenging aliens, zombies, animated monsters, upwardly mobile snails and Johnny Depp hamming and glamming the life out of iconic Tonto.  Not my cup of tea; although I do admit to having a fondness for the … Continue reading

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The Invisible War Debuts Monday Night on PBS

Tomorrow night, the PBS series Independent Lens will host the broadcast premiere of a documentary I first covered during its theatrical release last summer (FrontRowCenter, July 2012).   Given the horrifying jump in sexual assaults in the military (current statistics were released by the … Continue reading

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Solar Mamas Light the Way on Independent Lens

As we approach the pivotal outcome of a Presidential election that could dramatically alter the future of women’s rights in this country, especially with regard to abortion, contraception and general health care, please take the time to revisit the candidates’ platforms on … Continue reading

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Nora Ephron and The Invisible War

While I’ve been dragging my feet about how to frame my coverage of yet another powerful documentary about the U.S. military, I was shocked like many others to hear of Nora Ephron’s untimely death at 71.  No connection, you say?  Well, perhaps; … Continue reading

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